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Arsha Vidya Gurukulam is an institute for the traditional study of Advaita Vedanta, Sanskrit, Yoga, Ayurveda, astrology, and other classical Indian disciplines.

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  • COIMBATORE GURUKULAM - A website for the Gurukulam in Anaikatti, South India.
  • RISHIKESH GURUKULAM - A comprehensive website for the Purana Jhadi Gurukulam in North India.
  • NAGPUR GURUKULAM - A comprehensive website for the Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam in Nagpur, India

FAQ on Vedanta

What is Vedanta?

  • ADHYATMA VIDYA MANDIR - Swami Viditatmanandaji's Gurukulam , Adhyatma Vidya Mandir, Ahmedabad, India
  • ARSHA VIDYA CENTER - Vijay Kapoor, Arsha Vidya Center, California
  • ARSHA BODHA CENTER - Swami Tadatmanandaji, Arsha Bodha Center, Somerset, NJ
  • ARSHA VEDANTA CENTER - Rathi Raja, Arsha Vedanta Center, 1148 Port Washington Blvd, Long Island, NY 11050
  • AVGSATSANG.ORG - Audios & PDFs by Swamijis from Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
  • AVGSPANISH - Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Teachers in Argentina
  • YOGMALIKA.ORG - MP3's by Swami Paramarthanandaji and others from Chennai, India
  • PRAMANA.ORG - Pramana.Org currently hosts online classes with Radha and Vasudevacharya. Radha teaches Advaita Vedanta at various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California and Vasudevacharya teaches Advaita Vedanta throughout Sydney, Australia. Pramana.Org provides live weekly broadcasts of these classes around the world.
  • SASTRAPRAKASIKA TRUST - The purpose of the VedantaVidyarthiSangraha is to promote and spread the teachings of Vedanta pre-recorded audio cassettes containing recording of the discourses / lectures in English / Tamil. Talks include those by learned acharyas like Swami Dayananada Saraswati, Swami Paramarthananda, Swami Omkarananda and Swami Guruparananda.
  • Sanskrit
    Learning Sanskrit thru correspondence
    Free Sanskrit fonts and utility to convert text to Devanagiri and Roman Transliteration ITRANS
    Sacred Sanskrit Texts online
    Yoga at the Gurukulam
    Hart defouw
    Dr. Soman's Ayurvedic Health Center
    International Society for Ayurveda & Health

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