New Lecture or Dining Hall Complex

Arsha vidya Gurukulam is beginning construction of a new Lecture Hall/Dining Hall complex. Over a period of time, the demand for the gurukulam services has increased necessitating a new complex. This was Pujya Swami Dayanandaji’s vision and efforts are under way to make it a reality.

The proposed building will be located next to the rear parking lot. It will have a First Floor and a partial basement for a total area of 33,800 square feet. Several additional parking spaces are proposed near the building. A loop road will go around the building, providing handicap drop-off at the side of the building together with a service entry at the rear. The main entrance will be through an outdoor paved patio which will have seating and landscaping.


The building will house a Lecture Hall, a Dining Hall and a Kitchen on the first floor. The Entrance Lobby will have a beverage counter, display areas and a coat and shoe space. The Lecture Hall will be accessed through vestibules, providing sound seals for the space. It will seat about 400 people. Seating will be movable. It is envisioned as a multipurpose space to be used for lectures, religious and cultural programs. Handicap accessibility will be provided for the stage through a platform lift. There will be a side entrance to the stage through a ramp and loading dock. Dressing rooms will be located adjacent to the stage, together with a chair storage room. A sound booth will be located at the rear of the Hall. There will be acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling of the Lecture Hall.

The food serving area will be accessed through the corridor. The kitchen will have cooking, storage, and washing areas. The basement level holds a multipurpose space, a small conference room and support spaces for the Gurukulam staff and volunteers. Every effort is being made to incorporate “green” sustainable practices into the building.This includes a Geothermal source of energy and reduction of garbage disposal.

The projected cost for this complex is $8 Million. We have around 100 donors who have donated/ pledged $2.5 Million and more for this project. We still require several more donors in this category of $25K or more, in order to receive matching funds of 2.5 Million dollars promised by an Anonymous Donor. These donors will have permanent plaques displaying their names inside the buildings, which will be there forever.

Please be part of this tradition!