Tributes by Swami Tattvavidananda

Many people have spoken wonderful things about Pujya Swamiji. However much we speak, it is like touching the tip of an iceberg. His contribution will be celebrated by the society for decades or even centuries to come. In India, great organizations like Rashtriya Seva Samiti and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have been working for the society for decades – RSS from 1925 and VHP from 1967.

Yet, they have benefited immensely by the contributions of Pujya Swamiji. For example, when in Chennai, Swamiji declared “Conversion is Violence” – a simple expression – RSS and VHP have taken that expression like a mahā-mantra and at least to some extent they could control the tide of conversions. So, in that way some of the ideas given by Swamiji will be celebrated by the Hindu society for times to come and the new society will ever remain grateful to the great mahātmā.