Tributes by Swamini Ramananda

Swami Dayanandaji has certainly been an inspiration to me and to all who have come in contact with him. Most people cannot help but be deeply changed after being exposed to Swami Dayananda’s clear unfolding of the ancient Vedic texts. The global influence of Swamiji is remarkable. Over the years students from many countries, including USA and India, attended the residential courses – Japan, China, Russia, South American countries, Nordic countries, Israel, New Zealand, Iran, Slovania – to name a few.

When he had health issues, Swamiji was like the Tanjore doll. He would have some close calls at times and then pop back up again. For the longest time he just wouldn’t give up, ignoring and overcoming any obstacles in his way. He was the most compassionate, caring and helpful person that I had ever known. Ceaselessly and tirelessly, he would listen to people who came to him for his assistance, and he would find creative ways to address their problems. Swamiji had a way of putting people at ease immediately and instilling a sense of peace in them. There is no Vedanta teacher to match Swami Dayananda’s brilliance and creativity as he ingeniously invented innovative examples to make us comprehend this very subtle knowledge of the Self. He has influenced the world; he is a guru of gurus and mentor to all. I am so very grateful for having Swamiji as my Guru. He is my spiritual father who has influenced me more than anyone in my life, and his influence is currently with us. He is an ever-present reminder to lead a prayerful life of study, teaching and contemplation.