Tributes by Swamini Vilasananda

In 2013, I came to see Pujya Swamiji and asked him for a message to take back to the Argentine students. He said, “I am really satisfied that you have enough number of Arsha Vidya teachers in Argentina to keep you all busy with the study of Vedanta. Vedanta study never ends. It has to be kept going. You can never take for granted that ‘I have already studied this’. You have to keep studying, then only you understand that what you thought you understood was not understood. You keep learning that; so it takes time. As you go through your life with certain understanding of Vedanta, then your capacity to understand Vedanta increases. Therefore, you begin to see things which you never saw before. As you go through your life, it is so important. Life teaches you a lot. Vedanta helps you assimilate life. Life teaches you. So you live your life and keep studying Vedanta to make you see the truth of living.”