Vijnana Nauka

by Swami Advayatmananda

Vijñāna-Naukā – The Boat of Wisdom, also known as  Svarūpa-anusandhāna-aṣṭakam – The Eight Verses of Inquiry into the Truth of the Self, is a profound contemplative work of eight verses attributed to Ādi Śaṅkarācārya. This text succinctly unfolds the vision of the sages of ancient India — that I am even now what I seek to become.  This direct recognition resolves all searching into the fullness which is myself.  It is in this recognition that freedom, peace, and fullness are discovered, a recognition that enables me to become alive to the reality of myself, the world, and the sacred, allowing me to meet life with joy, compassion and purpose.This text presents several traditional teaching methodologies, as well as the means to gain the preparedness to transform a desire for mokṣa into an abiding wisdom.  Each verse of this powerful text is well suited to bring into the contemplative practice of nididhyāsana.