Arsha Vidya Gurukulam was founded in 1986 by Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati. In Swamiji’s own words,

“When I accepted the request of many people I know to start a gurukulam, I had a vision of how it should be. I visualized the gurukulam as a place where spiritual seekers can reside and learn through Vedanta courses. . . And I wanted the gurukulam to offer educational programs for children in values, attitudes, and forms of prayer and worship. When I look back now, I see all these aspects of my vision taking shape or already accomplished. With the facility now fully functional, . . . I envision its further unfoldment to serve more and more people.”

Ārṣa (arsha) means belonging to the ṛṣis or seers; vidyā means knowledge. Guru means teacher and kulam is a family.  In traditional Indian studies, even today, a student resides in the home of this teacher for the period of study. Thus, gurukulam has come to mean a place of learning. Arsha Vidya Gurukulam is a place of learning the knowledge of the ṛṣis.

The traditional study of Vedanta and auxiliary disciplines are offered at the Gurukulam. Vedanta mean end (anta) of the Veda, the sourcebook for spiritual knowledge.  Though preserved in the Veda, this wisdom is relevant to people in all cultures, at all times. The vision that Vedanta unfolds is that the reality of the self, the world, and God is one non-dual consciousness that both transcends and is the essence of everything. Knowing this, one is free from all struggle based on a sense of inadequacy.

The vision and method of its unfoldment has been carefully preserved through the ages, so that what is taught today at the Gurukulam is identical to what was revealed by the ṛṣis in the Vedas.


The Gurukulam is situated on 99 acres of partially wooded land in the Pocono Mountains, graced by a Lord Dakṣiņāmūrti temple. The facility houses a 400-seat state of the art auditorium and dining complex, library, reading room, book store, modern accommodations suited to contemplative study, complimentary internet access, fully equipped exercise room for adults, and a soccer field, basketball hoops, badminton nets, ping pong tables and campfire pit for children.

Shanti Trail is a one-mile walking/running trail winding through acres of open and wooded land.

Vegetarian meals are served 3 times daily, snacks twice a day and coffee, tea and fruit are available at all times.


There are no fees for Vedanta, Chanting and Sanskrit classes. Room and board for resident courses is moderately priced.

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PA 18353, United States

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